Our founder and President Todd Obermoeller, has been on the business side of agencies all of his life. From project management to strategy; he's worked in every aspect of the creative field. "We started Split because we couldn't stand to watch smaller businesses get left behind. Just because you don't have a large budget, doesn't mean that you're disqualified from marketing your services." His daily tasks include drinking lots of coffee, meeting with clients, having his ideas shut down by the creative team, searching endlessly for cool costumes and toys, giggling at nothing, staring into space and complaining that his clothes keep shrinking​. 


Favorite Food: Pizza (might explain the clothes shrinking?)

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Possession: The Gretsch drum kit he got for Christmas a few years back from someone who had no business buying him a drum kit.

Favorite Saying: "Told ya so."

Favorite Thing To Do: Writing down favorite things to do. 

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