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Our Mission.

To level the playing field for

businesses that can't afford

to hire a big digital marketing agency. 

Split Media Overview

Headquartered in St. Louis, Split Media was created to serve businesses that have been ignored by advertising agencies for years. Our business model allows us to provide the same lineup of services that big firms do, but at a much more reasonable rate. Most of us here have worked at the big agencies and are well aware of the blatant discrimination that occurs when a small business wants to engage their services. The big agency philosophy is that "billable hours" are all that matters. Well at Split, we don't work that way. Sure, we have to charge for our time, but with our years of experience; we know how long things take. We also know the tricks of the trade. At Split, we don't have 4 hour creative meetings that cost the client.

We don't have big conference rooms and multiple people handling tasks that can be completed by one person. We don't do 2 hour lunches, we don't have nap time, we don't play pool. We work. For us, it's not about one big client. It's about a lot of smaller clients, with smaller projects and smaller budgets. Can we handle the big stuff? Ya. But if you're looking for large retainers and the ability to run our shop... please call the bigger guys. We have no interest in being a production house. We like to think. We like to be creative. Split is a Digital Marketing Agency that understands that being the biggest, doesn't mean being the best. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have and the work that we create for small and medium sized businesses. 

Split Media is on a mission to level the playing field for businesses that can't afford to hire a big digital marketing agency. 

We Strive To Bring Innovation, Results Driven Technology & To Empower Small and Medium Sized Businesses.


Three Hundred 
Sixty Five Degrees of transparency.

Split Media won't try to sell you something we don't honestly think you need. When you ask a question, you'll get an honest answer, even if it's that we're not the right fit for your company. We know our strengths, but more importantly, we know what we don't do very well. You'll never here us say "yes" unless we're sure we can deliver results.


Always at the cutting edge of technology
Our clients are our lifeblood


Targeting the heart of the community




Meet The um... People Behind The Vision

There's a reason why we hire certain species to help run things. To begin with, they don't mind having their images splashed all over social media. And secondly, they calm everyone down. Yes, we have humans too, but they aren't nearly as furry and cuddly. 

Our Board of Barkers


Elected in 2015, Murphy enjoys his position. His hobbies include searching for baby fruit bats and eating pizza. Murphy's favorite part of the job is nap time, followed by snack time. In his first bold move as CEO, he mandated that all employees be required to meet with him, outside on a walk, at least twice a day. 


As Vice President, Mort fills the role well. His laid-back attitude and "do-nothing" lifestyle bode well with his position. Mort looks up to other Vice Presidents, and follows their lead in determining action. Usually, as with most V.P's, he just oinks, shakes a hoof and goes back to sleep. 

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