At Split, we take our clients satisfaction very seriously. In most cases, if you're not happy with our INITIAL work (wireframe, video concepts, print ad, logo design, strategy), we'll simply refund any deposit, minus our 10% surcharge. We understand that we're not for everyone. However, after you've agreed to a design, any creative concepts, website or social media package; and Split Media puts in the hours and work to bring the project to life... you're out of luck. We hate to be like that, but it's pretty simple. After we've worked for you, we expect to be paid. By paying our invoice, you're agreeing that Split Media has completed our work to your satisfaction unless other written arrangements have been made. There are no refunds at Split Media unless they are agreed to before the project begins. Once the project starts (after your initial approval of our concepts) , you're on the hook for any hours that we dedicate to your project. If for some reason you decide at the end that you don't want to use our work, or that you'd like to use another vendor; that's your choice. But you still have to pay us for our time. For websites, we spell out very clearly what your responsibilities are. We also discuss our process in the initial meeting. If you don't provide us what we need, we can't complete the project. But you still have to pay us. Our time is just as valuable as yours, and that's how we make a living. Waiting until a project is all but complete and then complaining about it doesn't negate your financial responsibilities. This is a VERY rare occurrence, but it could happen so we just want to be clear.